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Wanted: Anyone an Admin (or know one) at

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Just kinda reaching out on this one...

Having just purchased an 1800, I'm assuming that I should also join

After 5 separate passes through completing their application for membership, I have yet to receive any emails from the site. Worth noting, is that each of my applications have NOT had a referring member's name, as none have.

Messages sent using their contact form have gone similarly unanswered.:wtf:

I've explored the technical functioning with their hosting company's tech-folks who assure me that processes are in working order.

There does seem to be quite a bit of hate running over there from time to time, so I can understand if I'm on some sort of 'least favored' list, but as a last resort, I thought I'd reach out here to see if anyone had some inside contacts or could otherwise enlighten me.

Thanks all
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the Gl1800riders is the place to be if you have an 1800:battle: and need help :praying:..great knowledgeable people! here.. just mostly 1800s.. it can get testy and have seen some posts deteriorate into name calling.:yelling:.I generally unsubscribe from the post at that point ..Admin will step in and delete the whole post or part if it gets out of hand ..:letsplay:this is rare though..
many members here are members there ...not sure why you would not get a response ... far as I know they have no list..."Satan" try changing it to Angle ..Just kidding ...that name will fit right in ..use my name Hondadiver :cheers:if you need a reference
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