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Wanted - looking for '96 1500a plastic

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Wanted . Looking to replace the upper shelter, right side, 1996 green 1500a.(color G156p -pearl green) . ( right side sitting on the bike)
OEM parts range from $240 to $340.
There must be a m/c scrap-parts business out there. Any one have a leads on GL1500 parts salvage?

ALSO parts diagrams from two different sites do not agree on the part numbers for left vs right shelters . They both indicate the part numbers of 83110-MAM-000ZC or 83120-MAM-000ZB - but one site indicates the 83110 is left and the other site indicated the 83110 is right side ???. Go figure.??

Any Ideas ??

Honda Parts house states 83110 is the Right side and 83120 is the Left side.

However -[/url] (states 83120 is the right side) :confused: Mike K Orlando Fla
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I made up a HUGE list of salvage yards in the USA.
Go to the last post in the thread for the latest update.


:waving: Good luck!
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