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Weird GL1500 Radio Problem

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The FM radio on my 88 GL1500 usually doesn't work. It makes a little bit of static, but gets no stations. But then occasionally it will work! The AM band always works fine. It's been doing this for years, so I've just stopped using it.

I'm supposed to get a new wing this week, so if it's something minor, I'd like to fix it. If it's a substantial expense, then I'll let the next owner decide what do to.
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The only quick thing you can do is check the electrical connections. You should be able to do that by simply removing the seat and the top shelter to which the radio is attached. I think that would likely fix you issue. It sounds like an intermittent contact. I would pay particular attention to the antenna connections. They don't have any locking mechanism. There will be one right on the radio under the top shelter and one under the seat that then runs over to the antenna. Also make sure the ground connections are tight. The one that grounds the radio to the frame screws into plastic on the top shelter so don't over tighten.
Yeah -- unfortunately, beyond the connections, the FM detector had some issues on the 1500 radios so a little time and TLC from Sierra may be required...
The 1500 has had some issues with components not securely soldered to the circuit board... Or in some cases, cracked CB... Mine has been repaired twice (Sierra) and after the third time I bought a new radio ($1200). I am sure that for a 100 $$ or so it can be fixed but my experience is that it may be short lived.
Had a similar problem, AM worked fine, FM didn't. I found it was a broken wire in the antenna connection between the external and internal plugs. The internal is a small white plug located in the upper right hand corner of the radio when it is laying on the radio face with the bottom cover removed. Oh, and the radio plug connections at the top.*
I spliced in a new wire and everything works fine now.
Otherwise I will ditto everyone else on Sierra.
Thanks for all the replies. I wasn't familiar with Sierra, but they are within riding distance of me. So that might be worth an investment to make the bike more sellable.

Grand Goat, I especially like the sounds of your post! If I can make a $1500 radio work by replacing a wire, that would be time well spent.:bow:

I'm going to plan some tinkering time this Sunday.

P.S. And thanks to the Moderator for updating the title of my thread. After I posted, I noticed that I should have included "GL 1500", but I couldn't figure out how to update it. And then it magically appeared!
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