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What a doofus!!

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A few weeks ago I picked up some new rear brakes for my GL1500. I chose a nice sunny warm day to pull the wing out and commenced to undertake this relatively easy task. I pulled my left saddlebag then pulled my brake calipers off and removed my old brakes. I cleaned up my calipers, pushed the piston back in and removed, cleaned, lubed and reinstalled the slider bushing. I installed the brakes and began to put my saddlebag back on. I'm tightening down the mount screws for the saddlebag when I glance down at the ground at my tools and there still sealed up in their brand new package are my new brakes. The old ones mounted back in the calipers and thinking they are going back in service. DOH!!! :ShakeHead: Never the less, it still being a nice day the saddlebag came back off as did the brakes and the new ones were installed. And I'm only 54!!! I have a long way to go:)
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Boy are you the honest one.... I would have blamed the dog... Oh we don't have one.. the cat.... oops not got one of them either..... but I know it wasnt me :ssshh:
A not-mechanically-inclined buddy of mine wrestled for several hours replacing a burned out tail light in his mini-van last year. He always hires anything like that out, but was scheduled to leave on a trip the next morning. Proud as heck of his accomplishment he then discovered he'd replaced the wrong side.

Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes...well, you know.
I hope you guys aren't surgeons. :)
I had one that was almost as good.

When I took the heel toe combo off, and put the stock brake pedal back on, I put it in with just a bit of tension on the brakes.

It didnt take long to realize they were binding. What a derp!

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You make this sound easy. I replaced my rotors and pads when I first bought the bike last fall. Instead of removing the left saddlebag as you state, I removed the whole rear end of the bike.

I take it this wasn't necessary?


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Instead of removing the left saddlebag as you state, I removed the whole rear end of the bike. I take it this wasn't necessary?
Now THAT looks something like Star Trek Next Generation's "SAUCER SECTION SEPARATION".
YAH, DOTTO'S, how EZ is that?
remove seat
2 side panels
4 bolts saddle frame
couple/few wire connectors
ummm, what else?

Stick a small lawn tractor seat on it and I bet she's REALLY FAST!

Looks like a new Shock Boot is in order.
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I'm sorry but I had to laugh.

I did something simular a couple of years ago when I changed the alternator. Had new Dampers sitting there on the bench still in package when I got done replacing alternator.:?
I can now get a Conmpufire in and out of the Wing fairly quickly. :ROFL:
I think most of us had a "lapse" of memory at one time or another. Just the other day I was getting the mower ready for the season. I was changing the gas filter so I took the old one off and laid it down the way I wanted to put the new one on. Well, I got finished and noticed the new filter didn't point the same way as the one I took off so had to do it again.
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