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FenderHead wrote:
morriscatt wrote:
DaveO430 wrote:
The gasket sleeves are available at the dealer or aftermarket.
Do ya happen to know the size necessary to fit just over the pipe, and or slightly larger so as to slip over that ringy thing that stopped the muffler from going forward any further. Looks like a good place to attach the new piece. Thanks
A suggestion, if I any extra electrical wiring laying around? I have, in the past, made copper O-rings by using it. Strip the insulation, wrapthe bare wirearound the pipe to overlap, markwhere the ends would have to meet, and cut the length. Normally, I then solder the joint, but the solder may not hold up at exhaust heat might have to cut a little long, then file half the diameter on each end to overlap for a good seal...:waving:
i believe he is looking for the part from the headpipes to the muffler thecarbon?? sleeveand not from the head to the headpipe. Both areavailable from honda
. JB
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