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What did you do to your Wing today?

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So here's a new idea. Let's just post what we did - and if ya did nothing, maybe this thread is inspiration for you to do *something*.

I'll kick it off.

I took the GL-1200 to Barnes and Noble - looking for a magazine for my wife. (yeah, I'm cheating, it was yesterday, but hey - it's 7am here.) And I used some Plexus to clean the windshield.
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Well I took it out for a spin and looks like no more shaking or rattles coming from the fairing! Woooohoooo! I am kicking myself for not taking care of this years ago as it has been irritating me for a very long time. And last year I solved my overheating issues by doing a valve adjustment. The 06-up aren't supposed to have the overheating issues like the 01-05 did because of the larger radiator but mine did. Mine started showing the problem on a trip in 2016. I tried cleaning out radiator fins and flushing radiator. That helped but didn't solve it. I then tried tightening pretty much all of the hose clamps, nope, still happening. I changed out the water pump because I wanted to change thermostat and it is part of water pump so might as well change everything. All these helped but it was still happening. Couldn't figure it out.

I finally broke down and adjusted the valves last year. Not because of overheating but because I didn't know when valves had been done last. I'm pretty sure now they had never been done. I had to swap/change shims on 11 of the 12 valves. Also changed out the spark plugs at same time. Motor ran much better and unexpected result was that I no longer had the overheating issue.

I'm really starting to love this trike again... 😀
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