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Friday after work Deb & I spent some time on the patio admiring all the potted posies, haven't yet had a hard freeze in Denver so the flowers are all still alive, when it got dark built a "campfire" in the fire pit and enjoyed putting wood on the fire until very late. It hit 75 here Friday. The posies days are numbered, though, next week expecting highs in the mid 40's and lows in the high 20's all week long, Monday thru Weds expecting rain/snow mix, I don't expect many of the flowers except the pansies to survive. Been lucky though, usually most of the flowers are long-dead by this time of year.

The 'Wings and Deb's Yamaha are feeling all ignored this weekend!

Yesterday it was expected to hit 65, actually reached 72. Did a bunch of yard work. Put the vacuum bag attachments on the leaf blower and made it a leaf vacuum. Did a mediocre job of raking leaves 'cause there's still a lot of leaves in the trees, raked them into piles and then sucked them up with the leaf vacuum. It does a very good job of turning big piles of big leaves into little piles of little ground-up little leaves. Bagged all that up. Then the fence around the front yard is covered on ornamental Pea plants, pretty pink flowers that bloom from spring to fall. ripped all that down and bagged it up. Got the fence all cleaned up and ready to put up Christmas lights like we do each year. Pruned the roses and other bushes. All this activity generated eight 55 gallon trash bags of leaves, vines etc. Put up Deb's Fairy Garden. Put up all the yard "Junk" - Gnomes, frogs, dogs, cats, owls, bunny statues, into the shed for the winter. Put the patio furniture away. Disconnected, drained and coiled up the last of the garden hoses, I took down the sprinklers, timer and those hoses a couple weeks ago. I started the day by doing the leaves in the back yard. The Linden tree was still holding on to most of its leaves, now a pretty golden color. Of course, it decided to drop most of them while we were working in front. Looks like I hadn't raked back there at all!

Today only expected to reach 44 degrees. Deb has to work 8am to Noon today. After all the activity yesterday the only planned activity today is to make some hot wings, a plate of celery and carrot sticks with ranch dressing dip, some tater chips and french-onion dip and sit in front of the TV to watch the Denver Broncos lose another game....o_O
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