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Jack Joyce wrote:
...but the 880s just feel sportier. I'm very fond of them. That being said, to each his own.

I have to agree with you on both these points.

I recently had to go from Metzlers back to Dunlops (Nail, trip, only tire available, 17k miles on Metzlers).

We were on the furthest distanceout on our ride, visiting a rally in North Hampton, Iowa (Davis Rally, very nice rally, go if you're in the area, Labor Day weekend), getting ready for the ride home, flat rear tire, nail, crap. Anyway went to the vendor area and the Dunlop people were there, very friendly people, put a new set of Dunlops on very quickly and we were able to finish our ride.

Riding the same roads home that we'd ridden earlier in the day I noted that it took more effort to initiate turn in as well as more bar pressure to maintain the cornering attitude. So much so that I commented to my riding buddy on the radio.

I've put about 10k trouble free miles on the Dunlops since then, not quite as confidence inspiring as the Metzlers on bridge decks or wet roads. Wear seems good so far.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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