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Okay - I just ran my 100-mile one-way commute from my customer, considering your thread, trying to figure out the motivations behind what I do by instinct.

You're making me think, darn-you!!!! :X :D

40mph is a 4th gear speed for me on the GL-1200.

In 5th, the engine is about 2,000 rpm, and in 4th it's 2,500 rpm.

I want the extra 500 rpm for two reasons: 1) accelleration 2) engine braking.

At 2,000 rpm, engine braking is almost absent. At 2,500 it's enough to allow me some responsiveness to traffic and changing speeds.

That's too much thinking - I need a drink now!! :toast::alco:
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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