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avnsteve wrote:
Okay, I'll make a list and if you would add to it or suggest some priorities. And of course money is going to be an issue. I bought the bike to offset the cost of diesel for my powerstroke (that's another story):

have rebuilt rear brake caliper still dragging, wtf? rear master cylinder rebuild?

front brakes appear to need the same, I have new pads for the front but I fear installing them for pushing the pucks that far back into the caliper and causing them to drag. they need rebuilding also.

occasional hard starting, sounds like starter doesn't get enough power from battery

magical mysterious 3 yellow wire issue...(say no more)

alternator conversion (wait until/if the stator fails?) or should I launch a pre-emptive strike?

tires (no brainer) they have some life left in them but I wont do more than neighborhood runs until they are replaced (my comfort zone)

also need a new battery cover, it evidently flew off sometime this weekend and I never noticed it. Anyone got an extra lying around?

carbs - slow air cut off valve?, spray carb cleaner? it runs VERY rich and I too get poor mileage about 150 miles to a tank (about 30mpg?) seems poor to me...

exhaust - many pin holes and rust

I've read many posts on these topics and have become overwhelmed. In your best opinion (what else would you offer?:D) what should be address first?
avnsteve, top of my priority list would be the brakes. None of the other things matter if you CAN'T STOP IT!!!

Next would be the tires, ever blow a tire on a 1000# bike at speed? I have & it will give you a new pucker factor to add top your life experiences.

After that,, ride it a while & see if the charging system still keeps going & possibly the fuel system will get better the more you use it..

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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