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What's this gizmo on my GL1200?

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What's this? There's one on each side of the fairing on my 84 Interstate.
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LOL Well those are Deer Alerts. They are suppsoesd to make noise and warn deer away. Have seen a number of people on motorcycles and in cars with them hit deer though. waste of money to me. you can yake them off but probaly will be a mark where they were, many were just stick on
Well, there's a lot of deer around here, but I'll take my chances and remove those ugly things anyway :)
The has been a LOT of indepth discussion on the subject here. :ROFL:
Those came on your new wing??

That thing must have cost a mint!!! You lucky guy......'

Deer Alerts are everything ..............
Bwahahahahaha! one look at that pic, and I pushed away from the computer! Run! Run!
Yes, they're hideous aren't they :ROFL: Luckily they were easy to remove. I think they must have been on the bike it's entire life, as I now have two tiny rectangles of perfect paint on an otherwise ratty looking bike.
Yep, deer whistles-work as good as the elephant repellent I spray my yard with. Haven't seen any elephants in my yard yet!
Boy! Where do I get me some elephant repellant? They are eating all my flowers and bushes. Anyone need 4 tons of elephant fertilizer?
they shoot out a lazer beam to disable drivers on cell phones
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