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Whats up with women????

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What is up with some women?
I had a chain of, um, debates today with my wife. Apparently there are certain things one should not do in the kitchen. I have a parts washer and a deep sink. But much like my other shop equipment they are not hooked up and running for various reasons too lengthy to get into at this time. So I am left with nothing more than a hose and spray bottle of solvents. I decided today that will just no longer do. So I started off by placing the air box from my truck in the dish washer. I had no idea this was the sort of thing inconsiderate people do until it was pointed out to me.

My response was logical but perhaps not that well worded. “Well if dish washers were not meant to wash parts why did my air box and tubing come out so clean?” I also got the impression that things would not have went the way they did had I not mixed in the air box and tubing with our dishes. Okay, lesson one learned for the day.

On to lesson two. As I mentioned my deep sink is not operational. However, I do have a nice large double sink in the kitchen. Soaking the brake parts off of my motorcycle in a can of solvent got them cleaner than I expected. But I still had to take a tooth brush to them and wash the solvent off. I figured using the sink in the kitchen was a great idea. Once again, it was pointed out to me that I was wrong. It would seem that cleaning brake parts with a tooth brush over the sink while washing solvents off into the sink at the same time I was cooking spaghetti was not a wise combination of tasks. I felt I was doing a great job of multitasking. Not only was I getting dinner ready, but I was also getting my motorcycle that much closer to getting back on the road. I find it strange how two people can see a situation so differently.

And finally, I learned the oven is not intended for non-food items. After dinner I was asked why the oven was on. My response “I just painted the master cylinder on my bike so it is baking in the oven” was not well received at all. I guess that fact that I had painted a part made of aluminum and baking it would help the paint stick was irrelevant to her. No, the fact that I had a freshly painted part in the oven is all she cared to acknowledge.

I tell you, I just have no idea what some women are thinking. Her comments today almost had me second guessing my idea of soaking my transfer case in her tub tomorrow. Almost any way…
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I probably would have gotten objections to cleaning carburetors in the crock pot, but it's my damn crock pot.
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