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Where should my temp gauge be GL 1500? Got real nervous!

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Just bought a 1996 GL 1500 SE...rode it about 100 miles on freeway with temp. gauge below halfway mark. Got into town in traffic ( 60 degrees outside ) and the temp gauge started climbing. It was close to touching white line ( that is behind red mark ). Started to get real nervous and didn't hear the fan kick on. My 1200 fan made enough noise for me to hear...are the 1500 fans audible? Once I got going again temp went back down to where it was before town driving. How high should the temp. gauge get and any way to test the fan to make sure they are working?

Thank you
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Call the PO and find out if he has wired in a manual switch. Some guys don't want to spend the money for a thermal switch. Best way to verify fan operation, is, well, fan operation.
You need to make sure the fan is working correctly. Adding a manual override switch is also a good idea for hot stop and go, or for parades ect. so that you can turn on the fan before it gets hot, of course it should still come on at the 3/4 mark with the switch turned off too.
as long as it doesn't hit the red mark you should be okay, when was the last time the coolant was changed? Fan will not come on over 15MPH
I have a 97 1500se and running in my garage it gets up to the 3/4 mark before the fans kick on. Driving down the road, it doesn't get past 1/4 way. So make sure the fan is working.
Yes, with the engine running and helmet on they are difficult to hear.
Check the level of your coolant and look at the radiators and make sure they're not full of bugs or leaves
Check the level of your coolant and look at the radiators and make sure they're not full of bugs or leaves
mine runs about a good quarter in 80 degree weather at highway speed. Higher at stop, then it settles when I move.

It was about couple of good "glugs" low when I got it, that was enough to make it run higher...
Fan will not come on over 15MPH
That's true for the 1800 (the 15mph limit) but not the 1500. The fan will come on whenever the temp gets warm enough; regardless of speed.
Ryster…. it might be as simple as low coolant level. Look at the coolant in the radiator. Be sure to use 'silica free' coolant mixed 50/50 with distilled water.
Fill the reserve tank to the top of the XX marks on the dipstick after filling the radiator.

My 1500's fan kicks in at @ 3/4 when idling. Normally it runs at the 1/4 way for normal running. Any properly operating fan will come on during low speed operation. If you are stuck in traffic or on 'parade mode' you can expect the fan to come on then go off. So you should see the temp rise, the fan should come on about 3/4… then the fan should go off as the temp drops.

Good Luck!!
you may want to change the sensor on your rad, mine had the same problem last summer and i changed it . works fine now
Does that mean it is an inaccurate reading?
If I remember correctly, you can short out the temp switch to check fan function.
Took it out for a little kicked on a little over 3/4 and it didn't go any higher...thanks for all the help. I love this site!!
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