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1990 GL1500
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Yes it is worse especially with OEM windshield. Wife IMMEDIATELY let me know the '12 sucked. Turbulance hitting her at shoulder area. Wings under the mirror helped that and then I bought an Optic Armor +4.
I installed the wings by my knees also.
Wife liked the seat a lot better on '12 than on the 88. Plus it is heated.
I put a taller windshield on my 1990 and everyone was much happier. That might work on the 1800

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I agree that you should look for '06+ (personal preference for '06 - '10). With the '06, they got the frame fracture problem finally fully resolved, did a mild re-map on the engine, rearranged the dash, added rear speakers standard, and put in an 80 watt stereo amp. 2010 models were the last built in the USA (built in '09 because they sold off equipment early '10). There are no 2011 models. 2012s and up built in Japan and have different plastic.

For these years there are several levels, each building on the previous with slight year-to-year changes:
Premium Audio is the base model
Comfort adds heated grips and seat plus flaps to direct air from across the headers at your feet
Navigation adds a GPS (lots of argument as to its usefulness)
ABS adds, well - ABS (wish this was available as second level)
Airbag - some have claimed remarkable protection, primarily from head-on to a tree or T-boning a mini van.
When you say “For thes years” you are talking about the 013 and newer correct? I am also considering. GL 1800 or a Harley Ultra Glide. I have a GL1500 and thought I would try an HD, It’s great to see what year 1800s to possibly avoid.
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