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I'm new to this site and have found it very helpful.
I have a 1983 Wing (1100) and am ready to move up to a 1500 or 1800. Price is a factor and I would like to stay under $12,000. I have several questions.

1) What are the pro's and con's of the 1500s and 1800s?

2) What were the "sweet" years of the 1500s?

3) What might my '83 be worth? I overhauled the engine about two years ago (rings, bearings, timing chain, valve guides, water pump, etc.). The bike has 57,000 miles on it- that includes about 10,000 miles on the overhauled engine. The bike has a fair amount of chrome. The only problem is some drive chain growl when first taking off (can be controlled by keeping engine rpm up). It cruises well at 70-80 mph. Pictures of the bike are at

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