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That is the case.
A fellow where I worked hit a parked car while drunk and until he pays for the damage he can't get a drivers licence.
And you see a problem with this? :wtf:

Lets say if he hit your bike? You would want a speedy reimbursement wouldn't you?

What if he would have hit a person? Maybe your kid? Bet your tune would have been different. Drunk driving is 100% preventable.

I turned in my own brother for drinking and driving. When he got out the next day I put him in the hospital for 9 days with broken limbs. I purposely broke both of his collar bones. He had a to have his butt wiped by a nurse at his apartment for 10 weeks. I have ZERO regrets for doing it.

You have never had a life ripped away from you like this. I have. Ripped the young ladies hand right out of mine when the car hit her when we were out for a walk.

He was a repeat drunk driver. 100% preventable. Guaranteed he (your co worker) will do it again.

Sorry for the rant but do you even understand the gravity of your statement? That punishment is a joke!

Understand that this rant is not directed to you or at you Ken... just the system and the drunks attitude toward it.

1 - 1 of 35 Posts
Not open for further replies.