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Cliflyri wrote:
The issue of loud pipes saving lives has been disproven statistically, scientifically, and through common sense. They do not. The short version:

Most of our hazards approach us from the front, the noise from loud exhaust travels to the back.
It is also why sirens and horns are higher pitch - we can tell where they are coming from.
Loud pipes DO get you noticed , visibility is everything, when I ride out with my Harley pals the traffic moves out of the way, thy hear the bikes coming , they hear a rumble , they wonder what it is and they start looking around them, this is not statistics or science it is simply experience.

On the old science front - high pitch sirens are almost impossible to pin down for direction, in tests conducted for the UK fire brigade they determined that a low pulse rather like an enormous fart wasexcellent for pinpointing dirction. they tested the siren interspersed with the fart and found it very successful - the siren tellsthe motoristthere is a problem and the fart tells you where it is coming from. If you wish to test this try farting at an inopportune moment at say a quiet moment at a dinner party , see how many people look at you.....:D[ not very scientific]

Anyone who defends their right to not wear a helmet makes a clear choice - and one day will have their head examined....:gunhead:

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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