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[align=center]RARE - GOLDWING GL1500 Saddlebag Rails - NEW
[/align][align=center]Wingleader Chrome Protection Rails
[/align][align=center] DISCONTINUED ITEM SINCE 2007

Protect your Goldwing panniers with these Superb Rails

These are so RARE that I have been searching for over a year for a pair
I eventually found the final 4 at the original Manufacturer
So I bought them all and now I have the ONLY NEW pairs (3) for sale in the World

Believe me or do a Google Search and see if you can find any NEW ones.
You may find sites with them advertised but they have not got any !
I think I have tried them ALL and they were discontinued in early 2007.
This is what some of the dealers said when I tried to buy a pair :-

The saddlebag rails you are seeking were part number DS-710250. Unfortunately we no longer carry these, and sold the last set that we had in April of 2007.

Very bad information. My dealer cannot get once more of the Saddlebag rail. Sorry, that I cannot help you.

Sorry, the item you are asking for are now sold out and discontinued.

Those appear to be discontinued

It is highly unlikely that there will EVER be anymore New ones of these
so don't miss these

(Also look great on the side of Trailers, etc)

These are BRAND NEW and Unused
(Fittings and Instructions Included)

I paid over £300, including postatge and Import Taxes for 4 pairs

That works out at £75 each pair and I will sell them at Cost price
Thats £75 a pair plus postage (at Cost)

Paypal Accepted

With the $ to £ exhange rate this makes then a good buy in the USA



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