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Winnipeg to the Carolina's & Georgia

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Looking for tricks and in any suggestions what to see and what not to see along the Carolina & Georgia Coast.

Leaving Winnipeg June 27 and as you can see on the avatar, there is a big chunk of eastern coast without a line on it. What's her name even got us a GPS for this year (Hope she knows how to use it!!) Hell, we might not even get lost this year.

I have been busy as of late as we had a real late spring, actually **** weather until2 weeks ago or so. Built my new motorcycle shop, as What's Her Name has taken over the double bay garage. Spent the last 2 weeks getting lots done to the 96 and the trailer and I'm near road ready. Time to get a new trailer soon, real interested in a Travelite Camper if anyone has one up for sale, let me know.

While working on the 96, my shock boot was ready to be replaced. Of course mother Honda doesn't sell one without the shock - $302.00. Stopped at a Shock & Strut outfit and he gave me one in good shape he just pulled of a car. A bit of adapting and it worked out great other than trying to get the shock lined up again to get the bottom bolt started...uugghh...

Worst job was replacing dash bulbs...had one burnt out on the speedo and after all the freakin work to get at the dash, replaced all 15 - $40 worth of bulbs and well worth it if I don't have to disassemble 1/2 the bike again.

Brakes done and system flushed, back tire changed, final drive changed, located wiring short (inside the LED disc cover lights), dash lights, shock boot, trailer tires, bearings, replaced bunches of rivets, and re-attached the bumper-(let loose after last years run)

So....give me some tricks & treats for my trip fella's


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Kyle, my son just drove into Winnipeg last Wednesday. He is working on the Hydrogen Fuel Cell bus project for the Ministry of Transportation up there.

wish you two could get together..
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That type situation is where a good GPS comes in handy.

I did just what you did coming thru St. Louis last year.

Difference was, I touched Where to/Hotels/Nearest/ and pulled into the nearest one to the next exit.

I had had enough rain and hail.

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