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winterizing my 2007 GL1800

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I was told that for the winter I should fill fuel tank and dd 1/4 bottle of ATF then run bike so that mixture would get through system. I am told this will prevent injectors from fouling and coat cylinder, instead od removing spark plugs and adding oil directly into cylinders.

Has anyone ever used ATF in there fuel ?

Any help I could get would be great.




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Here in central Ontario with a -40C occasional cold my past 8 years of winterizing has lead me to the following:
Drive the bike until at temp
Drop the oil
New oil and filter
Fill the tank to the very top
Add nothing, no Seafoam, no oil, no nothing
Shut off petcock
Remove the plugs
Squirt oil into the holes
Replace plugs or put an oil rag into the holes
Raise the bike so both wheels are off the ground
Lower the pressure in tires to 1/2
Lower the suspension pressure to 0
Remove the battery
Either have a battery minder that shuts off or charge the battery every 6 weeks
Mice around- cover the exhaust, intake, use some sort of stink to repel them
Leave the bike uncovered or with a breathable cover- keep an eye on it over the winter

Time and many other things were done with additives but as discussed above the bike has always started first time but it smokes until the oil in the cylinders is finally gone-about 20-30 minutes.

With additives and it makes no diffeence what make type the engine takes more tries to get running.

A lay over is about 5 months at the most.

Now and for the last 7 years I run regular with 5 oz of 2 cycle oil in the gas to keep the top end lubed.

Every time Seafoam or Sta Bil was used I had nothing but problems.

Remember this is my experience, others have their way...
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I had a 2002 VTX and live in northern Ohio and now it in is Cedar Rapids Iowa and the ONLY thing I've EVER done is make sure the battery is charged and change the oil. Never had an injector foul on me and never had the battery on a tender. The ONLY time the battery was drained was when I left the key on once and the radio amp on once. I'd start the bike on occasion and take it out when the weather was nice enough. Forty to fifty degrees and the sun shining and the roads dry was good enough for me to ride. But do what you feel you must. I'm just letting you know what "I" do. :ssshh:
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I start my wing once a month and let it run until up to operating temperature. Nothing else, but I do not live in the great frozen north either.:waving:


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My 2006 sat for four years in a storage locker in Chatsworth, CA, and I replaced the fuel, oil and battery and it fired up and has run 15,0000 trouble free miles since.
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A little ATF or Marvel mystery oil won't hurt anything but as suggested before fill the tank, keep the battery charged and don't worry about it. With fuel injection the system is closed so the fuel in the lines will keep a long time without problems.
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