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Woohooo she's alive

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:clapper::clapper:Saturday morning 1st August 2009 I got her started.:clapper::clapper:

1st attempt was a few weeks ago. Pressed the button to check for 'movement but all i got was a click bump then a nothng, dead, lights out. A few checks revealed what looked like a bad earth. When I got back to it on Thursday, I found out what it was. Always check the fundementals! The engine mount bolt which is also the main battery earth wasn't torqued up. Frame powder coat and engine paint don't conduct. Sothat tightened up we're just about ready to go. Even so Ibuzzed out all leads and switches till I was happy.First 1/2 second push, we had movement, she turned over. yippee. So in went oil and coolant. Next, check for spark, bingo! Then realising that there was no fuel in the carbs, I spun her over till I could see fuel pumping through filter. Check that fuel is coming out of pipe into carbs, bingo. Plugs back in and spin again, choke on, but no signs of life. Plugs back out, check spark, got spark.Smell for fuel but just oily engine smell. Plugs back in, try to spin and doh! Flat battery!

So battery charged nicely and back to it on Saturday morning. OOOOPPPSSSS. What a turd, I'd left rags stuffed tightly into the airfilter box intakes! (to stop mice and anything else unwanted entering). OK. them removed, we're now ready to press the button. Queue the camera....

Yeehaaa. A big Dram of Jura Malt whisky to celebrate the event :clapper:A wee bit rough yeh, but she's just been sleeping for at least 4 years so she'll need a wee bit of nursing back to full health.

Now there's still work to do. Carbs iknow will need balanced for sure as they've been rebuilt. I've got a dodgy plug cap and no spare (it's about the only thing I don't have a spare off). The main thing is I can concentrate on the running essentials now ie wheels, brakes, lights, rear assembly.etc, etc.Now I know that the engine is alive, she's nearly out of intensive care and into rehab I feel happier to leave her alone and concentrate on the other bits and bobs.

I'm needing a few bolts and fittings if anyone's got some standard headlamp bolts with reflectors (washers/spacers too)? Also the bolts with long hex body and threaded hole for seat/grab rail/rear mudguard?

Thanks for al the help along my journey, but I'm not done yet so don't go away just yet :waving:;):dude:


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