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Would love a "to-do" or "to-watch" list for a GL1500

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Hi all,

I have a 92 GL1500 that I bought last year after I finally gave up trying to duct tape my ventures plastic back together.

I have had it since last fall and have put about 10k miles on it. Which, for NY is quite a bit of riding. It has 108K miles on it and is in excellent condition.

Now while I am not mechanically declined, I usually don't love jumping into the guts of stuff until I have a need to. Recently I have noticed the brakes are chattering when the brake pedal is not depressed so I am going to change brake pads and clean stuff up per the forum posts that I have seen on here. I was also investigating a front end wobble and found the metzeler tire cupping issue that is quite common so I will be replacing tires this week as well. So I figure, while I have this stuff opened up, gonna do a basic tuneup and stuff, what other things are items I should look at, be aware of, inspect, etc. I know what the back of the manual says but what do YOU guys say? There are so many posts about fork seals and pressure and bearings and stuff that it makes my head spin. How bout a list of the most common or most important things I should learn how to check/adjust/repair on these bikes. If you have links to other forum posts that give instructions but if not, I can surely do the leg work, I just need some things to track down.

Thoughts? Like I said, there is nothing obviously wrong but just because it isn't blatant, doesn't mean I shouldn't be looking at it.

Would love to hear everyones take on this.



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If the current tires are only cupped don't worry about it. If the tread is still above the wear bars and no weather cracking is in the tread grooves or any other part of the tire run it some more. All tires will cup. Heavy bikes cup tires faster than light bikes. It ain't avoidable, because it's the nature of the beast.
From most reports I've heard is that Venoms are a great cornering tire but wear fast due to softer rubber for cornering traction. I've tried several different brands on my old 1500 in the 100,000 plus miles I rode it and liked Dunlop E3s best even though they sing a bit and get louder as they eventually cup. I usually got about 20,000 through 24,000 on the rear tire and around 12,000 or a bit more on the front.
If you do buy new tires it's a LOT cheaper to take the wheels to someone who will mount and balance them than taking the bike in to have it done.
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