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Hope everyone is having an enjoyable and safe Easter.

I need to replace a few parts on the GL1500 1995 20th Anniversary model (with the red/brown-ish plastic). Primarily I need;

* Dash Surround (part with the speaker grills, etc)
* Panel that goes from teh dash over the forks to the tank (that the iginition switch sticks through
* Don't know if these are available, but also a pair of foot warmer panels (the ones that go inside the engine bars).

Previous owner had left the bike out in the Australian outback sun too much and the dash warped - then when the other panel didn't fit any more, he drilled it and used self-tappers. I swear, some people shouldn't be allowed to have such fine machinery !!

Given the rip-off prices for parts here in Australia from most large suppliers (i.e. Honda) I'm hoping one of the brothers overseas can help.

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