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Hey -

I'm looking for a GL1500 front end, ideally close to home here in Southern Alberta, Canada. 'Cause who wants to pay shipping on something THAT heavy? Argh. Hopefully there's something local!

I'm looking for the basics:

Yokes with pivot tube, clamp hardware, top nut

Fork tubes complete, upper & lower with all internals

Brakes with pivots & hardware, TRAC mechanism links etc.

Wheel Rim (could be bent, I don't care - *see below)

Brake Rotors with mounting screws

Axle with spacers & nut etc.

Fork Brace with ancillary hardware

fork shrouds with mounts & hardware

So yeah - I'm not all that interested in the plastics & the like, just the working parts.

It's actually not FOR a Goldwing. I'm planning to stick this front end on a DOHC-four, my "CB900K0 Bol Bomber" (that'd be an '82 CB900F Bol D'Or based homage to the '65 CB450K0 Black Bomber -DUH.) 'Cause the TRAC fork from the '88+ GL1500 is very close to the fork on Freddie Spencer's '82 AMA Superbike Championship winning '82 "CB750F" 1032cc racer, at least in terms of it's specifications and appearance. It's just all 'round one awesome fork for these old DOHC-fours, with a very period-correct appearance to it with the TRAC anti-dive. AND a very high spec for that type of fork, 41mm with 20mm axle, integral fork brace, 286mm rotors, etc.

Now I'd LIKE to be able to improve some of those specs, such as the 286mm rotors which is bigger than the OEM 276mm rotors on my bike, but right now I've got 296mm from CB1100R. I'm doing a wire-spoke wheel swap too, where I'm gonna use the original CB750K front rotor, twice, which will work with my CURRENT set-up.

But then I'm also looking at doing a wire-spoke conversion involving the rotor shrouds from the GL1500, and I've got big ideas about a drum-sized hub up there. Ideally, I'd like to cut out the center of a PC800 Pacific Coast front wheel, lace THAT to some wire spokes, and make some custom rotor shrouds so that the whole thing looks like a 4LS drum hub.

Even if that whole disguise idea isn't successful, how awesome would it be to put wire-spokes on a GL1500, I mean IF this idea works? There's already a great solution for the REAR wheel, in the "Weld-Up" method, which I've seen done on a GL1100/CB900C rear end - not a bolt-up Comstar conversion, but a hub spooled down to a plug on a lathe, welded into a hollowed-out drum hub. Which is to say, this method would work on ANY rear wheel you can dream up. I guess on the GL1500 itself, heck even a GL1100 vs the CB900C like I've seen thus far, you'd probably wanna put some EXTRA spokes back there. But I can think of several decent drums with 48 spokes and 64 spokes - a person could even double up on a 36-spoke XS650 rear drum for a 72-spoke count AND a larger diameter "drum" to match a bigger Pumpkin etc, or a 40-spoke Honda drum could have extra holes drilled for an 80-spoke rim if that's what all is needed. I should think the 60-ish spokes would be more than enough..... Of course they'd all need extra-heavy-duty gauges on those spokes. And a front hub would need to match - at a minimum one of those XS650 "Heritage Special" front hub, which had something like 72-spokes up front, build IT with heavy-duty gauges with a thicker axle etc etc. I dunno - ME I picture the front end as that same huge cut-out hub like I'M after, 'cause the rotor shrouds are such a cool design. A continuation of the early '80s "Internal Disc" systems from CBX550F & VF400F Japanese models, MXV250F, the VTR250R, and others - but instead of puny 230mm vented discs with calipers in the middle of 'em, the GL1500 sticks the calipers in conventional fashion on the outside of a decent sized rotor, but sticks to the hollowed-out middle and the shrouds around the whole thing - IMHO it's just as much '80s Hi-Tek Honda stuff as is the TRAC anti-dive fork! So of COURSE you'd want that hub at the front end of a GL1500 whether it's wire-spoke or not.....

But yeah - YOU get my point! A wire-spoke conversion of a GL1500 would be "Bike-Porn" for EVERYBODY, whether you're a DOHC-four buff or a 'Wing-Nut.

I'd like to think the GL1500 front "hub" would work out okay, but the PC800 looks like the easier version to convert. So yeah, IF you've got a beat-up old PC800 rim kickin' around? I'd take THAT too!

Prefer local pick-up of course, but if there's anything not TOO far from here, I'd be willing to pay shipping on it. I'd bet that GREYHOUND would be a good way to transport stuff like this across Canada. Crossing the border seems to exact a premium on shipping fees, and probably isn't worth the bother.

Hey just think of it - I'm sure a lot of you guys would love to swap out YOUR front end for something beefier, yes? Perhaps a GL1800 front end on the GL1500? Or perhaps a RUNE front end, with the trailing link?

Heck, I'd bet a lot of you Side-Hack Monkeys are already using your leading-link forks, and your OEM unit is kicking around the garage?

I promise the end result will be very very SEXY, from a Bike-Porn perspective!

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