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WTS 1 pet peeve, $50 or best offer!

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I'm sorry but I am just plain to lazy to post any pictures of my pet peeve though it is a very good pet peeve in good condition other than being slightly broken, distorted and totally un-known to you as the type of pet peeve it may be! To those who have never seen my pet peeve or played with my pet peeve please message for details or pictures of my pet peeve.

I do want almost top dollar for my pet peeve even though I am just plain too lazy to learn how to post a picture here to try to sell my pet peeve, or I do know how to post the picture but your just not worth my time for me to bother posting the picture of my pet peeve too!
Please message me if you would like me to send you a picture of my pet peeve! I would be happy to waste the time of maybe 50 members who may be curious about my pet peeve instead of bothering to spend 2-5 minutes of my own time to upload just one or two pictures of my pet peeve for everyone to see!

I want top dollar of $50 for my pet peeve, but if you don't buy it here right away for the $50 or best offer then I threaten I will list it on Craigslist for allot more!
Of course on Craigs it will be text me for info, because we all know EVERYONE has 24/7 cell service everywhere in the world, and no-one ever ever lives where cell phones do not work. LOL
Or I may just not give any contact info at all, of course everyone will want my pet peeve so bad as to email me so I can harvest tons of e-mail addresses for my own personnel scamming use.

However if my pet peeve does not sell on Craigs after 3 days, then I swear I will list it on Ebay for 3 X's this price at really high fees and probably spend $2 to $5 to show so many useless extra pictures it will plain make you sick of looking at my pet peeve! Even though I am too darned lazy to post even just one picture here of my pet peeve for totally free!
So everyone should waste their time now messaging me for no real reason just to get pictures of my pet peeve which I will send to 50 people one at a time though I am just so plain darned lazy I cannot simply post it here even just once for everyone to see!

So please buy it now, my pet peeve for just $50 or best offer or highest bid.
If you would like to keep bumping up this totally useless thread then just request a picture of my pet cat or pet dog or anything other than my pet peeve and I shall reply back here, just text me on my cell which every one of you cetainly have a texting cell! Who the heck ever uses any land lines???

And of course to all you new users just joining, please ignore the date on the last post in this useless thread which may be 5 or 10 years old! PLEASE PLEASE new users, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE ask if this pet peeve is still available even if it has been 5 or 6 years since the last post in this thread!!!
Pet peeves never really die, they live on forever you know! Users may change, but the pet peeves live on forever!
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OK Ya'll there it is for you to link to and add too!
Book mark if you like!

I think that is a pretty good start!

So when some user with like 5 or 10 posts pops up wanting to sell some item for top dollar and is just too darned lazy to post any pics, and says great shape but messed up, just refer them to this thread! LOL
Also when users drag up a bike or parts etc... for sale from 2 or more years ago refer them here!

And yes, if you want to buy one of my many pet peeves, no photo's will be sent but paypal me $50 or best offer and I will send you one of my many pet peeves! LOL
Although you didn't post the year or colour of your Pet Peeve I'll give you a buck fifty for it. :waving:

As I'm on a not so well fixed income it will have to be a payment plan.
How about $0.01 per month?:raspberry:
Well I have more than one pet peeve available.
If you'd be willing to accept the lessor pet peeve and nurse it back to perfection yourself I'd take $0.02 per month, no interest, send it to me as gift through Paypal and we'll have a deal!

Sorry, but at only $0.01 per month I would have to charge 10% interest also.

PM for paypal to send to!
$1.50 at 10% interest amortized over 20 years comes to $0.01 a month so it looks like we may have a deal in the making.
Could you PM me a picture of your Pet Peeve.
Oh I want one. is your pet peeve still for sale?
I would like to offer you full price for your pet peeve...I'll send over my shipper and provide you with the full price plus shipping in that bank draft.
I'm currently deployed overseas.....or am lying in a hospital bed...can't remember which story I'm using this week.....:ROFL:
Chromo you are just too much buddy...:ROFL::ROFL::ROFL:....
I am uncertain of the condition of your pet peeve. Might I inquire the vintage of your pet peeve?

Do not be so Lazy :lash: put up a picture of your pet peeve, down here in dark africa i do not have a clue what a pet peeve is !!!!!!!! Maybee i will give you your 50 dollars if i see it (that is now Zim dollars :))
this wont be official until you receive a digger bid!!! Now its official....LOL
I would be interested if I didn't already have some just like it and a few other varieties.
both of mine are damaged . Do you have a pair your willing to sell ? I realize it would be at least double the $ , and of course shipping on my dime .
I think I just acquired a new pet peeve. Thanks a whole helluva lot Chromo. :raspberry::ROFL::ROFL::ROFL::ROFL:
I know this is late but is that Red Pet Peeve still for sale?
If I refer you to Dish Network…. and we each get $50 then I could get your second pet peeve?????
both of mine are damaged . Do you have a pair your willing to sell ? I realize it would be at least double the $ , and of course shipping on my dime .
Yes, besides the pet peeve listed is another not yet listed!

Sellers that post only 1 picture of a vehicle or part from the good side, then say they will e-mail more pics.
Wait 3 days and still no pictures.
Also when talking to them on the phone long distance they tell you a couple problems with the side shown in picture which are not present in the picture shown!
Obviously the picture was several years old that they did post! Or of some other item which they got from the NET showing what it actually SHOULD look like, not what they actually are selling at the present time!

Course I said heck with them now and moved on, but seveal days ago I was told they would SEND more pictures of a 75 Porsche to me e-mail.
I'm perfectly willing to give them their full asking price if the car actually looks as pictured (only one picture) and as the say it is.
Again, a seller either too lazy or stupid to show a possible buyer pictures of the item THEY are trying to sell for LOTS of money!!

If you want to buy both pet peeves as a set, I'll take $75 for both.

Another 3rd pet peeve available also.
I'll take $35 for this pet peeve by Monday. If not sold by Monday for full asking price I will toss it in the trash and get nothing at all for it!
I really need to sell this 3rd pet peeve soon as possible, but I'm not willing to give you any contact info so that you can actually buy it right away.
Better hurry only 1 day left to buy this 3rd pet peeve before I scrap it.
Just send an E-mail through the site and maybe I will reply or maybe I won't, you can just sit there and wait for a few days with your thumb up your rear wondering rather or not this 3rd pet peeve has already been sold or not and rather or not I'll ever reply back to you about it!
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this wont be official until you receive a digger bid!!! Now its official....LOL
OK, 1 pet peeve sold, I still have several more available!
Can you guess that I sometimes spend lots of time looking for stuff and trying to buy it on Craigs locally?

4th pet peeve, Stuff like.
72 Mustang Coupe, Daily driver $6,500
This is a great car. Interior is like new (except for the rotten carpet and torn seats and cracked dash) Boss 302 engine and tranny and ran great when last driven.
This was our "daily driver" 11 years ago.
Body is really good. Has a slight dent from front bumper to behind drivers door and hood has a small buckle like 1' high, No rust other then floor panels and rear quarters are totally gone. Glass is all good except windshield which needs replace as it broke when the drivers head hit it.
Like I said this car ran great when last driven before parked for 10 years.
Reason we parked it was throttle locked wide open at idle (probably from hitting that pole head on) and the engine blew as we dropped it into drive and ripped out the tranny, but that was sitting in the YARD after towed home when we did that!
When we last drove it it ran perfect!
Text only for more info and currant pictures,
The really nice picture we show is one like ours we saw at a car show, not of the actual car we are selling.
That's what it "should" look like, but it don't anymore!
$6500 FIRM or best offer or trade for anything at all, this car really needs to sell so buy it in next 5 days for full price or I'll be having it crushed on the 6th day!
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Bills are due, kids haven't eaten in days, and need money for mom's bail.

MUST SELL this pet peeve. Need to sell quickly.

Or, will trade pet peeve for an Xbox
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