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You have to look inside, GL1200 stator connector

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So I am finishing upi my planned winter maintenance cycle.
Forks to Waterpump and all things in between.

Since I was down so far I have been pulling connectors apart cleaning them with Contact cleaner and then putting dielectric grease in there.
Mostly PM because they have been really dry and occasionally a little green and here in the Pacific Northwet I just know she will get a little wet at times.

Anyway, I also added a poorboy kit as I want to run some extra lights for visibility, etc.

I was now back at the battery area doing connectors and mapping out how I was going to mount a 50A Maxi-fuse with Waterproof holder.

I had been in here when I bought the bike and then again when I had some ignition switch problems but never pulled anything apart other than the Dogbone fuse holder.

Look at what I found.
Forgot to mention, other then a slight discoloration on one side of the jacket this connector looked about like a 29 yr old connector would be expected to look.

it was still working and actually charged well but we were well on our way to getting stranded.

Mostly shared these in the hopes that others find it useful...


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Nice Pictures. And YES, you are lucky to have found that while you could fix it.

I can just picture this happening at the side of the road at night.

Good Find and thanks for the Pics.

Thanks for the post. I will check those connectors on my Aspy also!!!!
That's a perfect example as to why you need to go through ALL the connectors on your vehical, whenever possible... checking for damage, cleaning, and packing with dielectric grease.
Yup thats what helps speed up the death of the stator, when I bought my 85 it had only 6000 original miles and the plug was already slightly turning brown.
I see a mod or someone adjusted my title for this thread.
That is fine.

I don't know for sure yet and won't know until I complete putting the wing back together but I may have had an indication while it was running.

I tested everything on the ride home last spring when I got this new to me wing. Tunes on our 2 radio stations - Country and Western and all.

Anyway, about a week after having her, I noticed while riding her that the radio would suddenly start making a kind of "farting" noise out of the speakers it would come and go. at times she would play long and loud and other times just noise.

Now given the way radio works receiving energy from the air, this was essentially a spark gap transmitter (think Morse code) sitting down there under that cover. It can and will create all kinds of havoc in a radio receiver.

I can't recall if the radio would do this when just sitting and the motor not running so I will just have to wait until I get her all back together and see what I have then.
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A very good lesson to all of us, age, use and no PM takes its toll, intermittent problems, gremlins etc. are a terrible occurrence that can strand us anywhere! A great repair.
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