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You meet the nicest (Goldwing) people in Ireland!!

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Our granddaughter just graduated High School and as a graduation present we asked what she wanted and she said she wanted to go to Ireland...

So I spoke with Steve to see if we could meet, and meet we did... We met Steve, Ciaran, and a bunch of others in their Goldwing group yesterday morning when we arrived in Dublin...

Both Steve and Ciaran showed us a bit of the city when we were with them... You couldn't ask for a nicer group of guys and we were overwhelmed with their hospitality... A very large and warm "thank you" goes out from myself, my wife Lynne and my granddaughter Brianna for their gracious hospitality... It was a real pleasure to meet them and also Steve's son Dylan, a very delightful young man...

In the photos below, you will see Steve (blue shirt) myself (center) and Ciaran (yellow jacket) and the photo of all of us including my wife and granddaughter and Steve's son Dylan...

We are looking forward to their next visit to the States so we may return the hospitality...

Les, Lynne and Bri

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Awesome! Those guys are great. I had the chance to meet Steve and Dillon at N3 a couple years ago. Maybe one day I'll get to meet Ciaran as well.

Thanks for sharing with us!
That was really cool to meet you there and show you around. This is what makes this site the best out there.
It was a pleasure to meet Les and his lovely ladies. I only wish we had spent longer together as there was so much to talk about and so little time.
Great picture you guys:waving:
I am always amazed at how the internet and forums like this make it possible to make new friends all the way across the globe.
It was great to meet you and the girls Les :waving:
I am truly amazed at how the Internet makes the world such a small place... How else could one talk to someone across the ocean, arrange a meet, and become good friends... Truly, the Internet was the greatest invention of the 20th Century...

And another strange happening - I responded to a post from a lad on this forum who does not live too far from me who wanted to find some riding buddies... So I invited him to ride with our club this Saturday on a club ride... And the real strange fact about all this - - - he just moved here from Ireland a while ago and came from the town we were staying in (Galway)... It is TRULY a small world!!! :cheesygrin:
Looks like a good time had by all!
Too Cool!

bUt,when is My tuRn gRaMpA ?:ROFL:
It was great to meet you and the girls Les :waving:
And it was great to meet you too Dylan - don't forget what I said about shooting next time your here ;)

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